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Katrine Volynsky has thrived in the face of overwhelming odds. As a Chernobyl survivor, she was forced to learn the truth behind health and sickness. Now, it's your turn!


Katrine's studies in the field of health and wellness have taken her to parts of the world and parts of the mind very few dare to go. Her dedication to truth has allowed her to maintain an open mind, helping her clients explore all potentials of suffering. Of course, diagnosing disease is not allowed, so her clients focus on assessing influences. Including environmental, genetic, and emotional. Her intuitive abilities have grown as a net result of years of experience and applying all that she explores to her own family life.

After going through Katrine's protocol I can't believe how much better I feel. Not only that, but I can now see the inflammation that existed in myself and I can instantly see it in others. It's amazing to see things so much clearer.

- Mike Hill