Concious Eating: Bringing Awareness to our Food Choices

”Eating well” – so much is implied in these two words!

We all know that good nutrition is important, yet sometimes we make choices that do not reflect our best intentions and desires. There is a growing understanding that how we eat – not just what we eat – has a great impact on our wellbeing.

Our human bodies are truly amazing. But we only get one chance with the present body, so why not make the most of it? We can build amazing physiques and vibrant health by learning to tune in to the subtle currents within the body and by coming from the heart when cooking or eating.

“Quantum nutrition”

So what makes “good food” good for us? Is it the amount of calories, proteins and vitamins in it? Is the texture, taste and smell, or how the food makes you feel in the moment? Is it the food’s caloric energy that’s important, or the frequency and vibrational quality of the food?

The answer is all of the above, because we exist on multiple levels – emotional, chemical and purely energetic, and everything we put into our body affects us in multiple ways. In today’s quantum age, thinking in terms of vibration and frequency provides greater insight than the simply chemical model.

The way in which food is cultivated, prepared and eaten affects our own energy field. Not only do the particles in the food become part of us – so do the subtle energies. Fresh and raw organically grown fruits and vegetables oscillate at different frequencies than fruits grown on commercial farms. A cookie baked with a grandmother’s love can be more nourishing than something made at a “healthy restaurant” with unhappy workers.

Feed the Heart – not just the stomach

Feeding the heart – not just the stomach – is what we should look for when creating health in our lives. Approaching food with a loving attitude and brining the spirit of compassion to the dinner table allows us to absorb more life energy from the physical and non-physical aspects of food.

So how do we increase our awareness of the body’s needs? Cultivating love and compassion towards the body, eating higher vibration foods and being conscious of your physical and emotional state during food preparation and eating will allow you to “tune in” in order to eat and live more intuitively.

Cultivating body intuition

Start by adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet. Such foods usually have greater life force and provide the body with more living water, nutrients and enzymes than cooked foods do.

Pay attention to your surroundings and emotional state when preparing and eating food. If you notice that you are eating out of habit or politeness or that you are eating to fill an emotional void –take a moment to reflect and feel what your body really needs. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn simply by eating more consciously!

Avoid “tuning out” when you eat. Focus entirely on the food – as the famous Zen saying goes, “When I eat, I eat; when I sleep, I sleep.” Don’t distract yourself with TV, phone conversations or reading. Avoid eating when upset or in the presence of highly negative or angry people.

Blessed eating

Being present in a state of love and gratitude allows us to receive more energy from the food on multiple levels. This consideration is the origin of the tradition of praying and giving thanks before taking a meal. The positive energy of prayer charges the food with beneficial life force. Kirilian and GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera photography confirm that food that has been blessed has a brighter aura and thus carries more life energy.

The right approach to food

Human beings are the only animals that need to be told what to eat. However, becoming too attached to ideas about eating can limit one’s ability to get the maximum benefits. I have met many raw food “yogis” who eat diligently but look unhealthy and unhappy. When I hear their rigid positionalities and attitudes of superiority and righteousness, I can see that these have a negative effect on the otherwise high-vibration food they consume.

It is of outmost importance that we take the right approach to food. If we are to build a better, healthier society, we need to cultivate love towards ourselves and those around us. And where better to start than by showing love to our own bodies? By and by we’ll project more love and compassion onto the rest of the world, too.

As you start making better eating choices, you’ll increase your own conscious vibration, feel lighter and will become a better reflection of your true Self, shining your inner light upon the world!

Eat well

Gluten FREE Almond Crust


1 1/2 cups almond meal or 1 1/2 cups almond flour
1/4 cup coconut oil melted
3 tablespoons lakanto ground
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda


Preheat oven 350 F
Grind lakanto. Set aside
Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the coconut oil and stir to combine.
Pour the mixture into a pie pan and pack the mixture along the bottom and up the sides to form a crust
Bake for 7-8 minutes or until lightly golden.
Set aside to cool and then fill it with your filling and bake according to filling’s instructions

Three proven longevity strategies you can start on today

With aging baby boomers population fueling the longevity and anti aging industry many therapies, supplements and drugs have flooded the market. Nutrition, diet and calorie intake have proven to have a significant result on how long and how well we live. Dr. Koch in 1930 had showed that the cell can live forever when he kept a chicken heart alive for 7 years. All the cell needed was timely removal of metabolic waste and a constant supply of nutrients.

The retardation of aging reduces the onset of degenerative disease. To combat aging and increase longevity we need to decrease inflammation, increase mitachondrial density, strengthen enzymatic function, optimize digestion as well as detoxification and improve biological makers of youth such as: Metabolic rate,

Insulin sensitivity Cognitive function, Enzymatic activity, Cardiac health, Endocrine system function.The following tactics have proven to have a significant effect on lifespan of the organism.

1. Calorie restriction

One of the most studied ways of extending animal and human lifespan in the last 70 years have been calorie restriction programs. The first experiment was made on rats in 1935 whose mean and maximum lifespan has been radically extended with significant reduction in onset age related disease. This has spanned a multitude of studies manipulating calorie intake and nutrient density. Recent 20 year study on rhesus monkeys had shown that with only 30% reduction in caloric intake produced results that decreased degenerative age related disease by a factor of 3. The CR control group of monkeys exhibited less fat gain, retained their muscle mass and maintained healthy behavioral functions with all bio makers of youth being superior to that of a normally fed group.

This findings have profound human implication since the monkeys tend to age in the same way. Rhesus monkeys like humans are vulnerable to age related chronic disease, loose their strength over time and develop cancer and cardiovascular disease, their cognitive functions also change with age. Studies with humans had shown similar results with only 20% reduction in calories we experience significant improvement in bio makers of youth including parameters of healthy blood such as insulin levels, blood pressure and LDL.

We all eat too much. Calorie dense, nutrient deficient foods are abundant and cheap. They are poorly digested and overload our blood with glucose, undigested proteins, fat, cholesterol, homosystine and other inflammatory substances. Unclean blood accelerates aging as the body works overtime to clean it up. Free radicals are created at great rates damage our cells and impair healthy DNA replication. There is also evidence in scientific literature that excess calorie intake turns off certain genes that control life span and youth. Research shows that North Americans consume 100% more calories than needed and even a 20% reduction over 2-6 years can significantly affect cardiovascular function and healthy blood terrain. Reducing calorie intake can be easily achieved with consumption of whole foods and reduction of conventional processed foods which improve digestive function. Supplements like enzymes, soluble and insoluble fiber, plant protein drinks and green foods can be used to help with hunger levels and transition to a calorie restricted diet.

2. Hydration with Restructured Alkaline Water

To live long the body needs an adequate intake of water. When we are born we are close to 90% water and by the end of the life span humans loose up to 30% of intesristual water which results in brain shrinkage, impaired metabolic rate, loss of muscle mass and poor cardiovascular functioning. Increasing water intake can reduce up to 30% of onset degenerative diseases (Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, Dr Batmanghelidj). But not all water is created equal, some has more impact on longevity of the cell. Research on longest living cultures from around the world such as Hunza Valley and Caucasus mountains have shown that the only common denominator amongst all studied groups was consumption of hexagonally structured water high in active hydrogen and high in alkaline trace minerals (Hunza valley showing pH of 10). This water helps bodies maintain adequate hydration levels and had up to 14 times more capacity to carry energy into the cell (Hexagonal Water, Mushik Jhon). The Japanese, who have population over 1,000,000 of healthy people over 90, developed water ionizers to mimic mountain run off water. These machines have the ability to produce massive quanitities of electrical based anti-oxidants which have been shown to reduce oxidative damage associated with aging. Japan is number one country on longevity and health in the world according to WHO, and they also have the highest consumption of anti-oxidant ionized water in the world.

3. Live Foods

A diet high in consumption of plant based raw foods has also shown a positive affect on the longevity of the cell. Sometimes called “raw or living” foods are easy to digest, high in mineral content, fiber, enzymes, and have restructured water already in them. Consuming a 70/30 or 80/20 percent raw food diet supports the calorie restriction program, helps maintain healthy glucose levels, are naturally detoxifying and promote healing. The living foods have a higher electrical charge according to many Kirilian images and carry more energy into the cell. Bernardo Paulo, a 111 year old from Phoenix, AZ, has been consuming a diet high in raw food for over 100 years. He has never been sick and continues to enjoy an active lifestyle. Jack Lalanne, Paul Bragg, Bernard Jensen and other famous Living Foods advocates lived physically active past 90 in robust health.

So in practical terms,

Drink 3-6 liters of water per day. When you feel hungry drink 500ml to 1 liter of water and wait 30 minutes before eating. This will have you eating less and hyrdating yourself better. Eat fresh salads for lunches and/or dinner and fresh fruits for snacks. You will eat less, hydrate better, and chances are you will live longer with fewer incidents of age related degenerative conditions.

Nine Foundations of Healthy Lifestyle in Unhealthy World

In our magnificent, fast-paced technological world, we have tuned out the inner call of the needs of our bodies and often live preoccupied with outer success. Most of our children have never been to a farm or seen how real fruit grow on trees. We’ve become out of sync with nature and this has led to confusion about how to live in a way that supports life – both our own and that of our Mother Earth. Choosing to live a detoxifying lifestyle based on the nine principles bellow can bring us closer to our natural state of health and happiness.

Breathing Practice and Clean Air

Oxygen is our number one source of energy. Living in an unpolluted environment and practicing conscious breathing are essential. Unfortunately, clean air is almost a luxury these days. If you live in a big city make sure you home has house plants such as spider plant, english ivy, peace lily, Chinese evergreen, Boston fern, croton, arrowhead vine ( read full NASA study here . I also highly recommend getting an air filter for your home. AustinAir Bedroom unit is one of the best and affordable filters on the market. Make sure to change filters every few month.

Adopting a regular breathing practice can do wonders for our metabolism, ability to deal with stress and digestion. Many of us are are shallow breathers and simply do not get enough oxygen to the cells. Even 10-15 minutes a day of a deep breathing can drastically change your health. Check out diaphragmatic breathing

Living Water

Learning the secrets of this fundamental element can lead to positive health transformation. A new understanding has emerged that there is more to water than previously thought. Clean, restructured, energized water is necessary for the body to function properly. The rule of thumb is 1/2 once per every pound of our body weight is what we need to hydrate properly.

“We often get caught up thinking about what we put in to our bodies, forgetting that we also need to move things out.”


Notice physical activity comes even before food! We often get caught up thinking about what we put in to our bodies, forgetting that we also need to move things out. Exercise daily is needed to move toxins out and to allow nutrients in. Our bodies were designed to move in multiple ways. Yoga, walking, biking, weight lifting, dancing all can bring joy and vitality into your life.

Living Foods

These are foods that give life, have energy and nourish the body. Everything we eat becomes part of us. Choosing foods that have more vibrational energy in them, that are easily digested and have not been denatured through overcooking, processing or adding of chemicals will create the health and vibrancy.

These types of food maintain their natural water, mineral, vitamin and nutrient content. They are enzymatically active, support alkaline/acid balance and natural detoxification of the body. Living Foods include plant based and animal based products and are organic and non genetically modified.


We need regular exposure to sunlight energy for proper functioning, regular sun baths even of 10-15 minutes can do wonders to vitalize the body. There has been much negative press about sun exposure. But the fact is we are beings of light and exposure to sunlight is essential to our health.


Adequate amounts of sleep allow the body regenerate and rests the body so it can deal with wear and tear. New scientific evidence also shows that napping in 10-20 minute periods in the day time boosts one’s ability to health and increased natural growth hormone levels. Napping also allows our minds to process information better and find better solutions to everyday tasks.

Besides sleep rest also implies being at peace with one self and and one’s thoughts. Stress perception is one of major factors in disease perception. People who believe that stress is effecting their health a lot are at higher risk of heart attacks, digestive issues and mental illness. Seeing world as it is and giving your mind and body rest from negative self talk can significantly improve your quality of life.


There are many pollutants out there: toxics in the air, water, food, electromagnetic radiation, undigested foods and negative thoughts — all of these prevent the natural flow of energy in the body and create conditions where disease can flourish. Regular cleansing and detoxification have been practices for aeons by most cultures and religions. Cleansing and detox are essential for a healthy body and mind.

“What we hold in mind tends to manifest.”

Belief Systems and Attitudes

What we hold in mind tends to manifest. Positive thinking, gratitude and willingness to surrender outdated belief systems are the allow joy and health to thrive.

Pie Crust Gluten Free Coconut Flour (Paleo)

Have you been craving a healthy, yet decadent fluffy pie made with very little added sweetener and all Paleo ingredients? Maybe with an almond flour crust? I have, and I’m sharing my latest inspiration with you in two installments –first comes this easy-to-make Paleo Pie Crust. Next, in a few days, will be a dairy-free Banana Cream filling.

I love baking with almond flour, it’s gluten-free, grain-free and much higher in protein than other gluten-free flours. While I don’t eat almond flour on a daily basis, it’s absolutely wonderful for special occasion treats such as this Paleo Pie Crust.

Paleo Pie Crust
2 cups blanched almond flour
¼ teaspoon celtic sea salt
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 egg

Place flour and salt in food processor and pulse briefly
Add coconut oil and egg and pulse until mixture forms a ball
Press dough into a 9-inch pie dish
Bake at 350° for 8-12 minutes

Makes 1 pie crust

This recipe is based on my Gluten Free Tart Crust Recipe. I took the time to retest it in a 9-inch pie dish to double check that it would work.

If you wish to use this almond flour pie crust for a pie that requires baking, simply do not pre-bake it. Load it up with your filling and bake according to the recipe of your choice, or until your pie is all the way cooked through. What do you think you’ll put in this Paleo Pie Crust? Fruit fillingcream fillingquiche –or something else altogether?