Join Me in a Free Online Raw Living Summit March 25- April 4

I love my  Raw Food Community. This is where I started teaching first, this is the community that embraced me, played with me, laughed with me, grown with me. Because of Raw Living Community, I discovered my beloved Sedona where I live now. I came here 8 years ago for Raw Spirit Festival and fell in love with the red rocks and all the eclectic characters they attract. Some of my best friends I met years ago on the Raw Food online chatline are  now worldwide known speakers, and doctors. We were so young and excited about rediscovering eating naturally, feeling amazing and Glowing 🙂 .. We are still excited about it!

Over the years of being a part of the raw food and living foods community,  I have seen many changes and shifts. Comings and goings, changing of opinions on just about anything from green smoothies, to optimal raw food consumption percentages, to wether raw chocolate is healthy for us ( Doh! of course it is ! ). But even though we do not agree on everything, and have our extremes, you can bet that  the Raw Food Community is probably one of the most progressive groups on the planet when it comes to health, living closer to Nature, and Vibing High. We are crazy about our food, our edible skin care and about our clean colons. But we are also a very knowledgeable bunch who likes to share the Bliss of having amazing relationship with our bodies and empowering others to a higher octave of living.

Today I am thrilled to invite you to learn from my friends and mentors from this community that nourished me for so many years in the first Raw Living Online Summit that is free. I am even more honored to be lecturing alongside some amazing teachers and real superheros in our industry that include :
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
David Sandoval
Cherie Soria & Dan Ladermann
Mark Robert Waldman
Dave Conrardy
Dan “The Life Regenerator” McDonald
Wade Lightheart
Joan Jackson
Rainbeau Mars
Nomi Shannon
Brigitte Mars
Nathan Crane & Laura Fox
Steve Prussack & Bo Rinaldi
Ken Rohla
Lou Corona
Travis Eliot
And many others!!

Join us as our expert speakers share..

• Green Juice Therapy
• Yoga and Wellness
• Plant Powered Performance For Athletic Excellence
• Our World Wealth of Wild Weeds
• Raw Food for Smart Busy People
• Herbs for Ultimate Vitality
• Tapping into the Power of Conscious Connection
• Eating for your Function
• Emotional and Binge Eating, Creating Healthy Habits
• Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing Our Families
• Food For Life: Nutrition Optimization in the 2014 Food System Paradigm
• What you need to know about ionizing radiation and how to protect yourself from it
• ‘Life in the Age of Pollution’ Learning to thrive and survive
• How to be a Successful Live-Food Vegan
• How to Overcome Addiction and Live Life to the Fullest!
• The Emerging Goddess Syndrome
• Skinny Dipping in the Fountain of Youth
• Misinformation in the raw food world
• And So Much More!!!

You can register for summit here it starts March 25th



Detoxing Fukushima

Katrine Volynsky, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Drunvalo Melchizedek and Adam Trombley on GaiamTV “Healing Matrix” !

HM-FB_Promo-KatrineV-3Wow! What an incredible powerful video on Fukushima radiation I was invited to do with GaiamTV again! I have been lucky to be invited twice to Healing Matrix. The first episode was on my personal journey in healing from radiation exposure and on the principles of vibrant health. (If you have not seen it check it out ).

This episode is all about Fukushima and what we can do to protect our bodies and future generations. Besides my story and my experience in both Chernobyl and Fukushima, the video also features three incredible teachers and scientists – Dr Patrick Flanagan (, Drunvalo Melchizedek ( , Adam Trombly (

It is an especially important video to me because the focus was not just on current levels of contamination and things one can take to protect the body. The large portion of the episode was about how our consciousness and our thoughts can effect the environment around us and our bodies in the presence of radiation. Those of you who read my Radiation Guide know how much I focus on the state of mind and our emotional body. It was so amazing to hear confirmation from these amazing teachers of what I have known experientially and through research : the energy released by radioactive particles can be used for positive transformation.

If you want real information on Fukushima, if you are ready to step out of fear and/or denial of the fact that we live in radioactive environment, and if you want easy, true and verified through experience solutions of how to protect your body from the damage of ongoing nuclear pollution then this video is definitely a must for you to see!

You can view the video at , “Healing Matrix” Detoxing Fukushima. There is a 10 day free trial but I dare you not to get into the vortex of GaiamTV. Amazing content and library on health, healing and spirituality! My gratitude goes to Regina and the team at Giaim for her continuous commitment to bring conscious journalism to the world.

Let us know what you think of the video and leave a comment! I would love to hear from you since I am interviewing more in depth each featured scientist and will be posting it on my site. Send me a message if there is something you want me to ask them or you want to know more about.